Already done.


The trees are all bent,
The wind is howling over,
The storm is yet to come,
But the damage is already done.

I offer you peace but you give me conflict,
I bleed my heart out, but yours is running dry,
The battle cry hasn’t been given yet,
But your guard is already up.

The soldiers are ready,
The Cavalry is on guard,
The war hasn’t started yet,
But the bloodshed is already done.

Darling, I never meant to start a war.
But now I’m going to end it.

In Mourning.



Today I mourn,
All the things that I lost.
Things that never belonged to me in the first place.
I’ll list it in no particular order,
So here it goes.

And laughter.

And a happily ever-after.

Of all the things I lost and
The ones that left me feeling like a ghost,
You come a close second.
But if I’m being honest, I miss myself the most.

Learn to love

Dear You,

What did you want when you were younger?

To be loved wholly,

Even with all the broken parts,

That crumbled and fell at the slightest touch.

With all the strength that you mustered to pick up the pieces.

To find love that would hold you close on your darkest night,

When you were too afraid to sleep as thunder clouds gathered outside.


What did you want when you were younger?

And why aren’t you giving it to yourself now?


I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Light at your darkest hour and strength at your weakest.

But more than anything ever, I hope that when you’re lost,

When you can’t seem to make sense of life as you tumble along the path you’re on,

You find that the most important thing ever was always you.


Dear You,

If you’re reading this, miles and miles away from me,

Know that I love you.

Know that I carry you safe in my heart, away from prying eyes.

If you’re reading this, miles and miles away from me,

Know that I miss you.

Know that I don’t pray, but if I ever had to, I’d only pray for you.

Two packages

Artist: Xavieralopez

I came back home

Tired and defeated,

With two packages in hand,

My heart and my bruised ego.

The ego was my doing,

The heart I gave to you for safe keeping.

It slipped from your beautiful fingers several times,

But this time it broke before you could grasp it.

So that’s that.

I came home with two packages in hand.

One was my doing.

The other was yours.