Already done.


The trees are all bent,
The wind is howling over,
The storm is yet to come,
But the damage is already done.

I offer you peace but you give me conflict,
I bleed my heart out, but yours is running dry,
The battle cry hasn’t been given yet,
But your guard is already up.

The soldiers are ready,
The Cavalry is on guard,
The war hasn’t started yet,
But the bloodshed is already done.

Darling, I never meant to start a war.
But now I’m going to end it.

Two packages

Artist: Xavieralopez

I came back home

Tired and defeated,

With two packages in hand,

My heart and my bruised ego.

The ego was my doing,

The heart I gave to you for safe keeping.

It slipped from your beautiful fingers several times,

But this time it broke before you could grasp it.

So that’s that.

I came home with two packages in hand.

One was my doing.

The other was yours.

Dream state.

The waves are beginning to get bigger and stronger,
The blue water pushes and pulls and rises higher with each passing second, but it doesn’t touch me.
I sit on the shore, safe for now and stare in disbelief.
I know if the waves come closer, I won’t stand a chance,  I will be engulfed in them.
If I squint my eyes enough, I can spot a ship in the distance.
The image is hazy but I know it’s waiting for me,
That’s where I need to be, I know I have to cross the waves,
But the rising water petrifies me.
I sit here, staring silently at the sea and it gently but sternly reminds me that time is running out,
For now the only thing I’m drowning in is my fear.


Love somebody more than they’ll ever love you.
Live every waking second wanting them.
Ask them out, ask them again, until you get tired of hearing no.
Go ahead, hand them your heart and the hammer that they can smash it with.
Stand and watch as they shatter your heart into a million pieces.

Love somebody who will love you more than you can ever love them.
Spend every waking second holding their heart in your hand and twisting it.
Say no to them when they ask you out. Keep saying no until they never want to ever ask you out again.
Smash their heart into a million pieces  with the hammer they give you.
Stand and watch them fall apart.

Then find someone who will love you equally.
Unlearn all that you had previously learnt.
Ask them out and let them ask you out.
Keep their heart safe just as they keep yours.
Stand and watch yourself fall in love with them…
Over and over again…
Just like they do.