The first summer rain

The peak of an Indian summer was over our head. Some days, bathing and stepping out felt futile. “What’s the use, we’re anyway going to be drenched in sweat,” I would try to reason.

Then came the dark clouds and they brought thunder along with them . As I sat amidst the constant sound of clanking keyboards, I could smell that emotion of the first summer rain. They call it petrichor, don’t they?

The clouds were going to burst out any moment. Everyone was overjoyed, “Relief from the maddening heat”, they thought.

By this time my thoughts had slowly started making their way to you. I couldn’t help but think of the first rain, that was you, in my mad summer of a life.

With you however, things were different. You came unannounced. No thunder, just dark clouds, with the promise of a cool day. I was eager, I needed you. I wanted you with an urgency that I had never known before. And when you finally made an entry, life was never the same.  The summer heat had begun to descend, everything had cooled down.

But that’s the thing about the first rain shower of the summer, even the relief is temporary. It might cool down the day, but once it leaves, everything only gets hotter. As that thought settled in, I realised…

My frail body wasn’t ready for the hot days that followed.
Just as my heart wasn’t ready for you.


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