Letters with love.


A letter from my 27-year-old  self to my 26-year-old self. 

Dear Me,

Stop. Breathe a little.
Wait. Don’t rush, deadlines are for your newspaper and there is no need to get anxious, but you being you, will do just that.

Can’t wait to see how turning 26 would be eh? It’s amazing, said no one ever. Because it really isn’t that different. You will still panic every time you need to drive up a slope but you will make it to the top, exercise regimens will be a dream and you will sleep through them and yes, yes, you will get to travel.

You will meet new and amazing people, some will break your heart, some will leave with a piece of it, but you will always be loved. Life will take weird turns, the downs will drag you down and beat you black and blue, but the ups will liberate you.
You will NOT exercise, you will NOT. Shame on you. Tsk tsk.

February and March will bring with it surprises, love, gifts and people. March will be one of your favourite months. You will meet two kittens and will fall in love with them, whether you adopt them or not will remain a mystery.

No matter what you do, you will find your way back home – figuratively and well, literally.

Don’t stress over the small things because you will make it through all of them.
So why don’t you eat that extra piece of cake, enjoy the new year, go all mental and laugh out loud?

Also, before I forget.
Have a happy, happy birthday.






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