Hello there. 




What is this existential crisis you’re dealing with? I heard the going has been quite tough and you’d rather read and like (and perhaps tag your friend in) all those intense quotes splashed across your newsfeed, than just confront the person causing the emotions the said quotes speak of. That’s a long sentence, eh? Yeah, but so has been that nagging feeling.

Please. Stop. No, I just said no. Moving your life to another city is not an answer. You’ll just have a new city where you will carry all your baggage and then watch as it sits in your room collecting dust, just like that old bag you can’t throw away. And don’t you forget, love might not succeed in keeping you sane, simply because it was never meant to.

So stay. Stay and deal with problems. You’re an adult now. Yes, you don’t behave like one. Sit down and stop biting your nails. See? You just proved my point.
Don’t run away from your problems, love, they’ll chase you. Stop, look them in the eye, give them a cookie or two and befriend them.

Then, when you know you’ve done everything you could,pack your bags, don’t forget to add at least five sets of clean underwear,
book a ticket to where ever you want to go… and leave.

Love always,

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