Calm storms.


By MarkovManiac,

I am the forest. Dark and scary, but filled with light, life and happiness too.
There is no easy way to describe me. I give and take, love and hate and there is no in between.
It’s black or white and you should know I hate grey, so I’ll never live there.

I am the sea. Rough and calm, tumultuous and uneventful.
I can overpower you, throw you off guard, but I will also guide you safely back home.
As you sit on the shore and celebrate my calmness, never forget the power of the waves.

I am the wind. Strong and powerful, gentle and kind.
I will caress you until you fall asleep, but I can also take away the roof that keeps you safe.
You can love the beauty of the calm wind, but you should be prepared for the storm.

I am this and that and nothing at all.
I run, walk and pick myself when I fall.
I love with a passion that burns bright.
If you can’t handle it, please leave.
I’ll be all right.


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