The little things.


You’ve long known, people are fragile and their hearts break easily, so do all that you can to keep their heart safe. You’ll have to make an effort, sometimes it’ll frustrate you and sometimes you’ll ask questions, but make an effort.

Drive to the opposite end of the city, even if that means waking up early, which in turn will mean feeling a little tired at work, but do that. Do small things. Write them a letter, kiss them on their nose, tell them how much you love their small eyes. Hold their hand, listen to them when they talk. Listen when they tell you about their dreams, their fears and why they never want to let people into their lives. Hug them and yes, kiss them… kiss them a lot.

Do all of this and do more.

People are weird creatures, darling.
They forget that they are loved.
And sometimes, just sometimes
You’ll  need to remind them.

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