More or less.

‘Please stay for a while’, I remember thinking, hoping that my thoughts would reach you.

You’re stirring in your sleep and outside the window, the day can’t wait to start. The sunlight is sneakily making its way through the crack in the pane and here we are, in each other’s arms. Your skin feels cool to touch, like water sprinkled on a hot, muddy road during India’s summery fire. Your lips, they taste of dreams, sweet and sour, and I want to savour them.

But, life calls us back.
We’ve got jobs, friends and love at stake and we wouldn’t want to risk it all, would we? You have your life and I mine and no matter how much we want things to be simple we’re too entangled in this mess.

Is it love? Can it be?
I wouldn’t be that brave and I will never ask you.
But if I had one thing and only one thing to tell you,
I would move heaven and earth to let you know…
You’re enough.

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