The Little Prince.

Just sit with me. Let’s not ask each other anything.
We’ll hold hands and watch the sun rise and then watch it set.

When you think the time is right, you’ll talk and when I think it is, I’ll empty the contents of my heavy heart. We’ll  tell each other tales about our scars, physical and emotional.
You’ll first tense up and then laugh when I tell you about the wound on my nose. I’ll just sit in awe and watch you count the scars left behind by your many accidents.

We’ll talk about the people who broke us, those who built us and those who cemented the broken fragments that now make us.

We’ll talk about the first moment we held our pets, the way they felt in our hands, hearts and eventually our lives. You’ll talk about that time when your dog brought your family closer and I will smile through the tears, because I recognize that feeling far too well.

Yes, we’ll talk about the people who broke our hearts and those rare occasions where we broke someone else’s. We’ll talk about bad kisses and smile uncontrollably at the good ones. As you unconsciously trace the path from your neck to your collarbone, where  they once left bruises, I can only imagine how happy they would have made you.

As the sun dips further into the cloudy sky and the night slowly takes over,
We will continue to sit there,
And once there is nothing left to talk…
We’ll simply soak in the silence of our wonderfully ordinary lives.

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