Here’s to you.


Today is when we celebrate you.
You look at yourself and all that you’ve dealt with and raise a toast to the wonderful, wonderful person that you are.

You’ve scaled through hurdles, held yourself together through heartbreaks and collected all the scattered pieces of your tiny heart and have moved on.

You’ve cried yourself to sleep only to  wake up and see life in the eye. If you’re reading this, then I’ll give you the pleasure of knowing this – you’re amazing.

The way you’ve handled life, shook hands with adversity and still managed to walk away with a smile is what makes you brave.

You’ve weathered storms, got drenched in the rain, but you never gave up hope of finding sunshine…

Which is why I’m telling you this.
There will many more  storms and many more ups and spiraling downs.
But you, you will sail through them all.

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