You’re a scribble.

They drew one straight line and then they scribbled. You are the scribble, they said. You are complex. Difficult to love. Too intense. Your thoughts are like wild horses, they run too free. They can’t be restrained.

They drew a lamp and a wildfire. You are the wildfire, they said. Ready to burn down everything that comes in your way. Blazing through lives. Leaving only ashes behind. They said, you’re the one who never draws within the lines. You never conform to the rules.

And why should you?
If someone wants to love you, they’ll have to love you through all your storms.
They’ll have to sail through the choppy waters, risk getting lost and make it through all the madness,
To reach the calm waters.

Not everyone has it in them to love you.
Not everyone is made to love you.

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