Leftovers from last night.


I just woke up, my eyes still struggling to open. I can see sunlight trying to filter into that tiny room, but the windows are doing a decent job at keeping us safe from the onslaught of a new day. And you, you’re humming a tune in the bathroom and I can smell your after shave.

I close my eyes and distract myself from the thought of your lips and how it was just last night that they mapped my body, leaving behind a trail. As I quickly look around to chalk my exit plan, I find our clothes lying around. Mine, yours, yours, mine and mine again. It’s like a game of tetris, except nothing was planned here.

I can’t control the urge to leave the room. Then I look at that pattern and I begin to find something nice about it. A you and me. A me and you. And a faint possibility of an Us. My heart starts to race.

I can hear you call out my name.
And I do what I do best.
I leave.

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