The ‘year-ender’


This is one of my favourite photos that K clicked in 2015. 1) Because I love French bulldogs. 2) They just look like me… grumpy.


In 365 days, I sometimes find it unbelievable, that there have been moments that I’ll remember for a lifetime. Moments that made me insanely happy and of course, broke my heart.

This year surprised me. From random acts of kindness (no matter how small) by strangers, to even more random acts of kindness by family and friends, people have surprised me.

So, if you have been part of my year (that also includes the people I randomly stalk online), thank you for doing so. I know blog posts or messages like this hardly matter, but bear with me.

For those who drove me mad with their idiotic driving skills, thanks a lot. You’ve made me a better driver (I think) and a much better person at swearing. I can now efficiently abuse in several languages with ease. For those who continue to keep jaywalking, one of these days I’m going to stop the car and punch you.

For friends and family, thanks for being annoying. Sometimes, I don’t know how I deal with you guys. And though you drive me crazy, I think I love you. Just don’t push your luck. Sigh.

To that stranger, who will not get to read this: I will never forget how you waded through that busy, busy junction, to help a dog cross the road. You are one of my favourite moments of 2015.

To that person who took time out to write me a detailed email on what they think about my blogs: You made me feel important. I don’t know if you’re reading this, but if you are, then thank you. The fact that you took time out to write to me means that… Well that it mattered enough for you to write.

To my little puppy, whom I miss every single day. I love you much more with every passing moment. And though the memory of how you barked might have faded, I love you more than the first time I set eyes on you.

To that friend who travelled/travels distances to make sure I’m fine, you are my favourite. I love you so much that I will not think twice before sharing Tiramisu with you.

To that person who spends (all) their Mondays with me. I have only one thing to say, stop playing those idiotic songs. Also, 3D nose.

To that person whose heart I broke/am breaking. I’m sorry.

And finally to you. You, who’s reading this. We might or might not know each other, but words have brought you here.
And words are important.
Very important.

And in the words of someone who wrote that terrible New Year’s joke… See you next year.

Or tomorrow, if I will be seeing you.

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