Rainy evenings.

You are lying across the bed, with your tousled hair and without a care in the world.
The rain is hitting against your window, as if gently asking you to let it in… you smile, open the window, and let the tiny drops of water splatter into your home.

As you lazily stretch, the smell of coffee wafts into your room slowly and sneakily.
He’s in the kitchen, humming one of those ridiculous songs that he loves. You smile when you realise how happy his voice makes you, even when he’s singing those songs, especially when he’s doing so.

He calls you, but you decide to wait a little longer in the balcony. The green leaves of the bamboo tree are rustling against each other as a little robin decides to sing about the rain… everything seems so idyllic.

Your phone rings. It’s someone from work… and as you rush to answer it, you can hear him approaching with coffee and that ridiculous song on his lips.

You switch off your phone and take the hot cup of coffee from him…
Work can wait, life shouldn’t.

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