On the go.

Put down your phone and look at me.

I’m going to hurry, there is no time to waste. I’m not going to ask you to make love to me. I’m asking you to fuck me. This is not the time for niceties, this is not the time to politely ask you to make love. This is the time to indulge, love can wait, passion mustn’t. Tonight is when we let go, tonight is when we give in to passion.

We are young and there is nothing to hold us back. Let’s be irrational, no we don’t need to pack our bags. Let’s not plan, let’s just set out, with our hearts as the GPS. Let’s not be bothered about what people think, that was what we did yesterday, we don’t live in the past now, do we?

Let’s scale mountains, let’s dive into seas. Uhm wait, you do the diving, I’ll sit on the shore and ponder. Let’s sit in the open and gaze with wonder at the starry skies. Let’s be in awe of our wonderful, wonderful world.

Let’s write letters and post them to each other. Let’s hold hands and walk down lonely roads, let’s get lost in crowds and let’s find ourselves in each other. Let’s dream and let’s watch them come true.

Hold my hand and come along… we have so much to explore.
But first, put down your phone and look at me.

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