Overnight change

Goodbyes. Tell me, what is so good about them?
Everything and then nothing at all.

You woke up this morning, feeling sick in your stomach. It had nothing to do what you ate last night. You woke up hoping that last night was yet another nightmare, a gimmick your silly brain pulled on you. But you’ll know it wasn’t. As you’ll step out of bed, you’ll begin to wonder when winter walked in silently. Everything will seem so cold, so still even in the middle of summer. You’ll look outside your window, everything will be¬†normal, life wouldn’t have paused for you. “It should have,” you’ll absent-mindedly¬†argue

How did an unsaid good-bye cause such a strong avalanche? Overnight, the landscape of feelings changed and the next morning you were left to deal with this odd, cold feeling. Everybody deserves a good-bye, sadly not many get them.

I know you want to hear those words so badly. You think that a good-bye will be the band-aid for your wound. But some wounds heal faster without a band-aid. Good-bye provides you closure, but it petrifies him. Perhaps because he is bad at good-byes, maybe because it’ll close all doors to you. So he runs. He runs from a good-bye, he’ll run from a hello. He’ll run and you’ll just stand there.

Here is the truth, this is what you should know.
We never get to choose our good-byes.
Good-byes always choose us.

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