There is a window and sunlight filters in like fairy dust… slowly touching everything in the room.
Sometimes, I sit near the window and watch the world go by.
The dog chases the squirrel,  the cat just lazes around and the butterflies makes a stop at every flower.
I see a kid run along with his sister.  She can’t seem to keep up with his long legs,  as he takes giant strides across the green grass.
My mind slowly wanders to the worries I’ve left behind at home.
The baggage from the past is still not cleared.
It sits in one corner of the room and I glance at it.
The sun has shifted its angle and the light filters in once again,  this time touching the baggage.
I take one last look at it,
Today, the world can wait.
But the baggage, needs to be put away for good.

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