Tiramisu and you.

Some of the best moments in life walk in silently,  unannounced.
All that you can hear is a faint knock, if you’re lucky. Most of the times,  you’re just staring at the moment, while it waits at your door, as you struggle to zip up your new dress.

Unlike my last two New Years,  2015 had a quiet and simple start.
One filled with Tiramisu and you…  My two favourite things.

As we silently dug into the dessert, a slow song was playing in the background, my ears only caught the words, ‘love’ and ‘you’. It’s funny how we only hear the things we want to. And it’s at such moments that all the past arguments, ups and downs make you realise how important it is to hold on.

The mosquitoes, the mosquito coils and the distant howling of the dog, everything was creepy… but it did not matter at all.

When you’re with people you… you know, love and all that.  Nothing else matters in the world. Not even the fact that the zipper on your ‘beautiful’ dress refused to move beyond a point.  Even as your parents struggled to fix it for you,  while you and your mother burst into uncontrollable peals of laughter.

I have no idea how 2015 is going to be,  but I started the year with two of my favourite things.

I hope you had a wonderful start to the year too.
Happy New Year.

Love always,

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