The silence in my room is oddly calming.  Apart from the rut tut of the fan,  I can hear the waves breaking on the shore in the distance.

I close my eyes, try to sleep, but sleep evades me. The colourful lines behind my closed eyes makes me feel melancholic.  It carries me back to the time when I was a child,  when I would look at the sun and close my eyes.  The bright light that always fascinated me would leave an array of colours behind my closed eyes.

Then I think of you.  Somewhere,  a thousand miles away from me.  I close my eyes again,  this time breathing in slowly,  counting, as I inhale and exhale,  my chest rising and falling each time. 

Some days are filled with a child-like-innocence where happiness embraces me in a warm hug. And then there are days like this… where I miss you. Where your absence sticks to me, like humidity on a hot summer afternoon, after that sudden, unexpected shower of rain…
First a sense of relief and then sheer frustration. Always.

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