Letters with love (3)


Dear You,

I watched the sun set today. There was a haunting beauty to it, yet, it broke my heart. I was sitting in the verandah, all by myself, the chicken family was busy grumbling inside their coop and there was a rush in the sky, all the birds were busy flying back home, tired, after a day’s hard work.

I still haven’t heard from you. I long for the comfort of your words, for the long walks and the conversations that had a way of dragging us into the night. The verandah, the star-lit sky and the silence, barring the odd cricket or two. Everything remains untouched, as if someone had paused the moments unknowingly… and perhaps you’re the only one who can un-freeze the scene again… It’s been close to a month since I last wrote to you. Is it silly that I wait with relentless patience?

The lazy dog and cat have now made peace with each other. They laze around on the single mattress that I had to make for them. Right now, in the silence of the evening, apart from the rustle of the Bougainvillea, I can hear them gently snore. They sleep without any worry in the world. I wonder what it must be to be them. Then my thoughts inadvertently move towards you… I wonder what you’re doing.

Come back soon…
This void has begun to consume me.

Love always,

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