Wax dolls.

Love is never a smooth ride,  it’s only for hearts that are strong.
There will be bumps and potholes but would you still ride along?

We all are like wax dolls. From time to time, we are moved from place to place and moment to moment and we learn, we grow. But, we also carry damages from too many  ups and downs.

People who go to buy wax dolls always look for the perfect piece. The one that’s flawless. Thankfully, us humans are saved from the embarrassment of being the only flawed doll that never gets sold. The one doll, that has so many flaws that nobody wants it.

But, I’ll tell you this… one day… despite your million flaws, your insecurities, your issues with accepting love or giving it, there will be someone who will learn to love you, Someone who will not ignore the flaws, but who will find a way to soothe your burns. Someone who will one day, fill the crack in your heart with love.

And when you find that someone, hold on to them.
We all might be flawed like the wax dolls… but that’s where the similarities end.

There will be long beautiful roads and sceneries as well,
But you will have to bear with the heat, if in happiness you want to dwell.

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