Clouded view.


The thing about love is that nobody has a clue,
It’s both surreal and real,
It’s the dessert and it’s the oasis too.


I’m always getting told, “wipe your glasses clean, there are always finger-prints on them”. Sometimes, I struggle to read, but I still don’t  wipe then. I painfully, squint and attempt to read, until I can’t take it anymore. Only after I wipe my glasses clean do I realise, every time, that the view from my finger-print free glasses is what I always needed.


I had the chance to re-visit a few memories yesterday.

Roads, old lanes and signals,  can easily drag you back to the past.  As the glaring light of the truck begs you to live in the present,  the temple where  you once stopped by, will religiously carry you back to that one day in that scorching summer.

The thing about the past is that, while there will be memories that make you happy, the sadder ones have a way of breaking your heart. Sometimes, you’ll realise how stupid you were and sometimes, how blind to believe someone. The whys, ifs and buts will only add to the many finger-prints that dirty your spectacles.

You could perhaps let the spectacles stay with finger-prints for another day.
But eventually, when your eyes start to give up… you’ll wipe them clean.


The things that break us will also make us strong,
But, we’ll have to let go, if we want to move along.

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