I’m home now, squinting in the dark and typing this. I hope it’ll be a short post, sleep threatens to take over. ‘S’ and I went out shopping. Yes, I STILL haven’t got a dress. Anyway, we went to two stores, if the colour was perfect, the fit wasn’t right. If the fit was right, the colour was, well, disgusting. We got back home, with tummies full of Chinese food and shopping bags full of nothing. (no we don’t have special bags for shopping. In case you wondered. Haha)

I got my first gift already. The friends who sent it to me, ordered it to be sent on my birthday, but it came home a little early. Surprises have a timing of their own.

Did you know I hate Wednesdays? I’m home after a rather tiring day. I have no glow-in-the-night stars to look up to. My dad got them removed while getting our home painted. So I stare at the ceiling. The calm at this time of the night is so beautiful.¬†Everyone’s asleep and apart from the rutt rutt of the fan and subtle crikk crikk of the cricket in the distance, nothing much can be heard. I also thought of that terrible Annabelle movie and I panic a little. Ugh, I think it’s time to pray to all the Gods I know.

Anyway, I don’t have anything special to tell you today. I’m turning 25 in a day and as much as I’m thrilled about it, I’m also slightly worried.

Growing up sure leaves a weird aftertaste.

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