Box of heaven.


‘Here’, the message read, just as I was about to step out of work.
As I gingerly made my way through the construction rubble, careful not to fall and break my head, I noticed you. You were fumbling with your phone, “As usual,” I thought.

As we made our way to the car, you were talking about someone. I shrugged. I struggled to see your expression in the dark. I just love your funny faces, it’s always so difficult not to break into a smile.

All the while you were trying to learn the music system, I smiled. We were driving down to my favourite bakery. Simply because I had mentioned in passing, about how much I was craving for a brownie. My favourite brownie from my favourite bakery.

“Who does that?” I thought… who decides to take someone to a relatively far bakery, to buy them something as inconsequential (hardly) as a brownie? Who drives that far… then I realised that I would drive (muhahaha) but so would you.

We ate two rows of brownies… sugar-crusted brownies and the plain ones. I had one extra, perhaps two or three.

After that, as we settled down at a  weird little coffee shop, the heady smell of hookah wafted in. The only people there were burly men and then us. A little uneasiness began to surface up in me , but I didn’t say anything… you asked me if I wanted to leave, but, I decided to order a coffee. We were the only ones drinking cappuccinos at a coffee shop, that actually was just a hookah place.

All the while I drove back home, you kept cracking your silly jokes. I rolled my eyes at a few, but had to give in to the rest.

Maybe, just maybe, happiness isn’t just a box of heavenly brownies. 
Perhaps, it is a box of brownies and you.

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