Gym Diaries: Day 12- Steamy Morning.


I’m yawning and waiting for ‘A’  right now.  We’re going for a coffee tasting session at one of those American coffee places that has just opened a branch in the city.

Oh,  perhaps I should rewind a little and take you to the steamy morning that I had.

I woke up late,  ran to the gym… fine , more like drove to the gym. I did 55 squats.  That alone should give me a thousand pack.  Sadly it didn’t.

I was made to jog on that treadmill and I looked like a pig,  minus the cuteness, jogging.

Hold on,  the steamy part is yet to arrive.  After an hour of working out,  my trainer decided to spare me.  The steam bath was ready.

I was pretty cool about it. There is a room with some steam,  and a lot of light where people can sit and also chat.  Right? WRONG. 

This steam room,  was dark and had a lot of… well had a lot of steam.  I was so worried that I forgot to breathe,  I panicked and ran out of the room.  Yes,  I ran out of the room.  I refused to get inside the room without an assistant.  Thankfully, someone decided to sit with me for five minutes.

I kept imagining what if I turned and there was a ghost there? Yes,  now I wonder what a ghost would be doing  there,  but at that minute,  all logic left me. What if there was one? What would I do?  Panic and die in the steam? Sigh. 
After twenty years,  or what it seemed like,  I got out of the room,  panting and puffing. A quick shower and I was running out of the place.  It was 11 am, I needed to get to work at 12 pm.

But then,  American coffee shop happened and then… here I am,  yawning shamelessly… waiting for ‘A’.

Oh,  she messaged.

I’ve got to go.

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