Gym diaries: Day (I think) 9 – Hangover.


Helloooo, how are you this fine morning? I just ate this weird-named sweet thing called…  Ya momma,  ugh autocorrect,  I meant yamama.  Yes there is something called yamama,  it isn’t offensive and it tastes a lot like chocopie.  Perhaps I should stop explaining. But I really like it,  except the one I just ate,  it tastes very eggy.  Eeks.

Anyway, day 9 of gym was excellent,  that’s mainly because… I didn’t go.  Day 10 was better,  I woke up at 10.30 am.  Oh,  ya I couldn’t go to the gym. 

So, let’s call today day 9. I spotted new faces,  I went late to the gym,  so the usual faces weren’t around. 

I met a man who was a copy cat.  He kept tapping his foot impatiently as I took a break, to pant and puff, he wanted to work out on every machine I was working on.  I had to control my irritation… you know,  what with the muscles and all,  I could just punch him. Punch him… after I finished panting and puffing.   Damn… *breathe breathe breathe * silly, silly, *breathe breathe breathe * guy.

My fellow-gymers have icky taste in music.  The moment this song,  that I detest,  stated playing,  most of the men asked the trainer to increase the volume.  I gave everyone the snide, side look. But they were too busy listening to that stupid Hangover song.  The lyrics of which are ridiculous,  the hero apparently has a hangover of the heroine’s eyes and a zillion other body parts.  Really? Really?  Idiot.

As I silently judged everyone for their extremely tacky taste in music, West life’s, I lay my love on you,  started playing.  Yeah… whatever “I lay my love on you… *something* *something* feels so true.”

I got carried away. It took me five minutes to realise that two old uncles were staring at me lip-syncing. I stared back at them,  we had a mini stare competition.  I thought,  it was still a better song than stupid Hangover of the eyes and the butt or whatever.

Anyway,  after that little session,  I staggered back to my car.  And you wouldn’t believe the song that played on the radio.  Sigh.


Ugh.  Ugh.  Ugh. 

Stop.  Stop. Stop.  Make it stop.

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