I hate rushing for assignments. Especially when I have to interview someone.

As I whizzed past signals and annoying people, I realised I was late by 10 minutes. Nooooo.

Cut to the present scene, I’m sitting at this lovely smelling store with a lot of beautiful clothes around me. There are all shades of pink, blues, yellows and pretty much every other colour I can think of. As I wait in the store, sitting on gigantic sized black velvet chairs… there are cookies, magazines and a stack of juice cartons to choose from.

A lady rushes to my side and asks me if I need anything, I settle for water.

The rest of the time is spent waiting for the designer.

The interview got done within no time. I made some small talk, laughed a little. .. etc. Then when I was about to leave she said, “You have beautiful earrings,” I felt really happy.

I smiled, thought about my reply, did a mental check if the reply was fine and I said, “Thank you Anahita.”

A perfectly normal reply… only if her name had been Anahita. Sigh.

Anahita was the store’s name. Her name started with the alphabet P.

I was horrified and to add to my embarrassment she started laughing.

Yes, facepalm moment.

I smiled, what else could I do, and walked out.

I thought, hey this doesn’t happen everytime, then I remembered… in my case it does happen everyday.

I drove away red-faced. Hey, at least she said my earrings were beautiful.

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