Gym Diaries: Day 7 & 8 – Scratch.


Hello! How have you been? It’s been a rather long time since I wrote to you.

It’s also been a rather long time since I showed the gym my face. Oh, also, I have a small surprise for you, obviously at the end of this post.

Day  8, 9, 10 and 11 seemed to pass like a blur. All because I slept and forgot to wake up and oh also missed my gym session. Stop judging me!

So this is going to be a culmination of  day 7 and day uhm… day 11? Well let’s just say day 8.

I almost damaged a man’s, uhm… manlihoood. I hadn’t seen this guy approach me and he well, I guess he didn’t see me either. If my trainer hadn’t shrieked on time, I wouldn’t have stopped and well, he’d be missing an integral part of his body.

You know, my ability to deal with teenagers is at an all time low. I really need to stop advising people, it makes me sound like an aunty or worse a mother. Sigh.

I was working-out on one of the dangerous machines when I spotted a boy who had, what looked like a fringe. It’s one of those cool haircuts, I thought. But the fringe shielding his right eye was so disturbing, that I just wanted to give him a bob-pin. That should hold the fringe in place, I thought. I looked at my reflection in the mirror to check if I already turned 20 years older. Sigh. Age is catching up fast.

Anyway, I checked myself out when I was working out and I started feeling hot. I wish it was my ‘hotness’ that caused the feeling. But only when the sweat started trickling down did I realise, that there was a power cut. U-G-H. It took 15 minutes for the generator to start. I had died a zillion times by then.

Just when I sat down to catch a break I noticed a man walk towards the machine beside me. As he walked towards me, I realised his hands, were busy. Eeks. Busy scratching… Balls… I mean exercise ball or whatever that thing was… I must get to the exercise ball immediately. I couldn’t stay near the groin-scratcher.

The rest of the time was spent carefully avoiding the machines he used. Perhaps he should use the groin-tearer machine.

Everything done, I happily stepped out… Only to find Gym girl sleeping. She looked so peaceful.

I got into my car and when I started the car, 5 Seconds of Summer’s, Don’t Stop, started playing. Perfect, I thought.

Don’t stop doin’ what you’re doin’,
Every time you move to the beat,
It gets harder for me,
And you know it, know it, know it.

I felt at peace, until I realised I touched one of the machines that groin-scratcher touched.


P. S: Here’s your surprise, Gym Girl.


Gym Girl

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