Gym Diaries: Day 6 – Miracle.


As the sun started to rise, my alarm started buzzing. I bid sweet sleep goodbye and prepared to face the drudgery that awaited me at the gym.

I sleepily took off my comforter and as I put my feet on the ground and stood up… LO AND BEHOLD A MIRACLE!

I could walk! I mean, I could walk without limping. There was no pain, no wincing and no falling down.

It was nothing short of a miracle. Fine. It was science. Good old science at work. I need to make things clear with you, when I’m involved there will be a little drama as well. Make your peace with that.

How is your morning? I hope you have a splendid day. I really do.

I’m going to be honest with you. I wasn’t in the mood to go the gym today. I wanted to go back to sleep. But the lure of writing to you pulled me out of bed. Don’t look at me suspiciously. Oh well, you weren’t the sole reason, I need to push my self to finish things and that’s what I did.

Do you remember reading about how Moses parted the sea? Well, I felt a lot like that today. I didn’t have to stop at any signal, all the signals were green. People were waiting patiently at their signals when I whizzed by. Yes, I pretended to be cool. Anyway, as I got to the gym I had hurdles to face. The steep, dangerous footpath was challenging me to conquer it. And I did (drama makes life better, deal with it).

I searched for Gym Girl. She was no where to be seen, after searching for another two-minutes I realised that she was snugly sleeping, head tucked into her legs, behind a bike. She looked so adorable that I wanted to wake her up and give her a bone-crushing hug. But, I let her sleep, she has many duties to fulfill towards the day. Duties that include acting cool, sleeping, eating, pooping and all of this on repeat. Sigh, what a life.

I didn’t get to work on a new machine today. Today was groin-tearer machine day. According to my instructor it makes the inner things fitter (and tears the groin, that’s what they don’t tell you). When I worked on the step-up machine, Pharrell Williams’ Happy, started playing. I think it’s all the endorphins from the workout, I got quite giggly. I was imagining people randomly breaking into a dance, just like those gazillion happy videos. Obviously, nothing happened.

I worked out a little extra on account of having no muscle pain and the result was awesome. Workout done I walked back slowly to the changing room… this time painless.

As I got to my car (they had parked it very close to the gym) Gym Girl was missing, her water bowl was still there though… tomorrow I shall initiate Project: Become Friends with Gym Girl. 

I sat in the car and obviously, switched on the music player. This time PINK’s, So What was playing. The message was loud and clear.

So, so what,
I’m still a rock star,
I got my rock moves,
And guess what? I’m having more fun.                                                            Ba da da da da da.

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