Coffee and a boring afternoon.


I sat sipping from my cup of coffee. I was waiting for a friend.  It was hot outside,  the sun was shining extra bright. The tak tak tak, tapping of my fingers against the table,  gave away my impatience  It also broke the deafening silence at the next-to-empty coffee shop.

I was early for this meeting.  But I wasn’t complaining.  The waiter was happy to leave me alone as he sat watching a re-run of some cricket match.

I checked my watch,  it was 10 minutes to three.  He would be here in another 20 minutes,  I told my self.  I then saw two people walk in.

They looked particularly sad.  I think the boy had recently wept and so did the girl.  That or they didn’t sleep well.

They sat quite close to my table, the waiter had to leave his match and attend to them.  She settled for cappuccino,  he just sat there staring at her hands. They started speaking,  I felt awkward. I started tapping my fingers nervously, this time hoping they wound notice me. Obviously, they didn’t. Or perhaps they chose to ignore me.

They were breaking up,  I hate coffee-shop break ups. Ugh.  Why can’t everyone just have some coffee and get high?

I felt bad.  I also wondered who would pay the bill.  He wasn’t drinking anything,  perhaps she would, she  ordered the cappuccino after all.

He was moving to another place and so was she. They didn’t want the long-distance blues so they wanted to break up. At this point the girl started wailing. The waiter and I exchanged worried looks, the match no longer interested him.

Breakups are sad, I doubted if caffeine would help. I asked for another cup of coffee. The waiter had the decency to leave extra tissues on their table. The girl gratefully looked up, as if to thank him.

I took a sip of my coffee, burning my mouth in the process. As if gyming wasn’t enough, I now had to burn my mouth as well.

After 20 more minutes of crying and sniffing… they kissed. At this point I watched the placid expression on the waiter’s face. Perhaps he was used to breakups and makeups and make-outs as well.

The guy got up and sat beside the girl. Based on all the coochie-cooing, I judged that they weren’t going to breakup after all. Just when I was beginning to take in what just happened in those 20 minutes, my friend walked in.

His questions broke my thought pattern.

The couple made-out again, this time the waiter had his eyes glued to the TV, the couple got up and left.

Coffee shops are so weird, I thought.
People go there, break-up, make-up and shake-up an otherwise boring and uneventful afternoon.

P. S: The girl paid the bill. In case you were wondering.

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