Step out.

Break the walls if you must, but watch the sun rise.

Break the walls if you must, but step out.

Hi! Yes, I’ve used an exclamation mark. You noticed! Did you? *eyes suspiciously*. I’m a tad bit excited.  I’m not going to ask you anything today. Oh wait, I already did, so I guess I’ll ask you a few more questions. Sigh. I’m going to believe that you’ve had a splendid day.

Do you love sunrises and sunsets? I love them. I love how after a small game of hide and seek the sun, sneakily peaks out from behind the clouds and starts shining. First a little then, ray by ray. It’s so beautiful when the day changes its colour every second. Every second is a new moment, every moment different from the other. I love sunsets as well. Sadly, I don’t get to see many sunsets… I’m always cooped up at work.

Today, thankfully, wasn’t one of those days. As I stepped out of office, I was taken aback by how bright and cheerful the day was. I also spotted a mickey mouse shaped cloud.

I’ve never liked the rains.  Summer has always been my favourite.  Winters I’ve always despised.

Anyway, I got out of work because I had to meet someone for a story. The story might not have worked out, but the beautiful evening did. Perhaps we should all do that… take a break from our boring routine and step out of our workplace now and then. Watch the passing clouds and guess all the shapes. Watch the sun set and watch it rise. Take in the calm evening as the sun switches off. Then repeat it all over again.

You know, my day didn’t start exactly how I would have liked it to, but it did end on an awesome note.

Take for example now. I’m sitting under my warm comforter and despite the fact that my body is hurting, the day was simply awesome.

After all, it’s not everyday that I get to watch the sun set.

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