Despite all the rains.

It rained all night and I didn't seem to mind.


Hello, how was your day? I hope you had the time to stop and play with a doggy or a cat. My day was quite decent. 

Actually, yesterday* was quite good. As I sit here writing to you, thinking about the migraine that began to loosen it’s vicious grip on me, it dawns on me that… it was an awesome day. 

Yesterday I woke up from a four-hour sleep in the evening, just feeling better after a terrible episode of migraine, I realised that my room was dark, barring the faint light that struggled to make it’s way through my window, past the curtains. It was raining. I don’t mean to sound a banal Facebook status update, but bear with me. I’ve heard it rain plenty of times, but this time, I was listening to the raindrops.

It was, let’s call it magical. It was magical. I listened carefully as the raindrops hit the leaves, the pots, the roof, the stones and finally the ground. Each time the action was the same, but the sound, extremely different. And when it all came together, it was truly magical. There’s a weird peace in listening to the rain, especially when you realise that at that very moment, you have nothing to do. Nowhere to go. And an overall feeling of being satisfied with life. I think that weird feeling is called contentment. And if it’s not, I think it should be.

Have you ever been content with life? Ever felt you couldn’t ask and don’t need anything else from life? I hope you have. 

I want to tell you about a rather eventful evening I had one day ago. It was a plan we made during the day. Work got tougher but we took solace in the fact that we were going to end our day with donuts. Aren’t they simply the best?

As we sat in the car, warm, chocolately gooey donuts in hand, all of us agreed on one thing, we needed to dig into them. As we continued eating the donuts, chocolate all over our teeth, face and fingers, I realised that at that moment, I didn’t want anything else, at that moment I was happy, content with what I had. Though a few minutes later I craved for something spicy, but at that very minute, when we sat all warm, despite the pouring rain, we agreed that we were content. 

Life throws so many things at us. And I’m sometimes waiting for the bigger picture. The bigger joys that, I seem to forget and ignore even the tiniest of awesome moments.

Have you ever done that? I hope not. But if you have, you will unlearn how to do it.

I believed that being content meant sitting on a beautiful mountain, levitating and doing extremely and doing some asanas. Then I realised that, that was just being extremely cool.

I’m happy right now and shouldn’t that be the only thing that matters? 

The week has been extremely overwhelming. 

I had a really bad start to my day recently. But the evening was so happy. I was surprised by a very important person in my life, and ever since that, I have been feeling very grateful for all the things in my life. Well, I did have an argument, but that got resolved as well. And then, friends are always there.

There have been good times and crazy moments as well. But despite all that, there have been moments of pure bliss. Moments, where I was content with life and I just couldn’t have asked for anything else.  Moments when the fog finally lifted (not literally, haha… it has been raining, no fog. Sorry) and when everything seemed to be just perfect amidst all the chaos.

Isn’t life awesome like that?

Tiny, tiny, moments of clarity in an otherwise blurry day.


*This post has been sitting in my drafts since quite a few days. I finally got around to publish it.


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