You’re my cloud on a bright and hot sunny day.                                                                                                   

Hi. I watched the Guardians of the Galaxy the day before yesterday. Yes,  it was crazy,  yes I did like it.  Have you watched it yet? 

I’m quite happy that I now understand all those memes, gifs and everything about Groot. Do you like the Groot? Doesn’t he just break your heart?

What stayed with me after the movie was the awesome friendship between Rocket and Groot.  It was simple and so heartwarming.  I’m also going to let you in on a secret.  I was sneakily wiping my tears under my rad,  3-D glasses,  when the Groot “died”.

And then, when we got into the car,  S played, One Republic’s, What you wanted. It’s so magical. I think watching a movie late into the night, getting out and driving on the next-to-empty streets and listening to good music with great friends, adds a touch of fairy dust to everything.

I thought of you and I smiled. Now, if you would have randomly looked at me smiling, there are many chances that I would have come across as a psycho. I’ve been writing so much about the one-who got away, the almost-love, etc. that I stopped looking at the one who is there. The one who stays, patiently.

The one who bears me through the madness. Puts up with my tantrums, my anger and my jokes. My jokes are funneh. I know you don’t find them funny, You’re plain jealous, just like the other jealous people in my life. A, S and another A. Tsk tsk.

Do you know something? Of course you know. I have quite a few friends and loved ones. But, there are only a handful that I hold very close.

I met you by chance. It was all so weird back then. But now when I look back, I realise, it was just adorable. It was meant to happen. I’m not going to bore anymore people with the details, but sometimes, I catch myself failing. It always makes me so happy, that I just need to share it with everyone,

At first, it’s hard to contain the excitement. But you don’t want to seem over-enthusiastic, so no matter how much I would be dying to message you, I would control myself. Then, slowly messages started arriving. Then the calls and then you.

With each passing day, it get’s better, Did I just say better? Because, the fights are mad too. But everything that follows is bliss. You know that don’t you?

We’re not perfect, so how can we expect our love to be perfect? But that’s the beauty of it all. Isn’t it? Perfection in imperfection?

I’m in the business of words, but sometimes, words fail me, those traitors. The words to tell you how I feel. Those damn words are swimming in my head, just waiting to be written, so I write you a letter. You know how much I love letters, writing and receiving them, don’t you? I always write with my ink-pen. The ink, which I painfully fill with a syringe. It’s my little way of making things more personal. You know I love you, when I write you a letter in ink. Eeks, what did you think? I’d write you a letter in blood? Sheesh. I wouldn’t, that’s just weird. Besides, I know your aversion to blood. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

I’ll write to you, ask you out and do everything I can. I’ll also crib when you won’t be prompt in doing the same. I’ll lose my mind over everyone else being so sorted, then you’ll say something as ridiculous as, everything needs to be just simple and I’ll wonder…

We’re so different from each other. Not just anatomically (joke, joke. HAHAH) but also our personalities. We love animals, I love dogs more and you cats. We always end up watching rubbish movies together, you know my favourite book and I yours. You’ve seen my scars, physical and emotional, yet you’re here. That damn scar on the bridge of my nose is not as faint as I thought it was. I’m easy to read, you’re a damn puzzle with a difficulty level of 10.. You have the ability to say ‘Okay’ to my most well-thought, well-planned and lengthy messages. And while I go mad then, I also know, you’re genuinely agreeing to what I’m saying. Okay is such a weird word.

You introduced me to my favourite song and I introduced you to an amazing book. I’ve given you the same gift year after year for your birthday and you’ve only laughed harder. Sigh. I wish I could write stuff about your laughter, but that would be plain creepy. Besides, I have a cooler laugh. 

You can annoy and make me laugh at the same time. I always throw tantrums about driving to far off places, but I’ll do that for you anytime. I’ll take you for drives on the pretext of showing off my new music player, but I’ll always love it, when you offer to drop me home. 

We’re mad, but we fit well with each other like, Cyanide and Happiness. Like baby monkey and the little pig. Like the heart and the brain and that silly gall-bladder as well. 

We’re so different on so many levels, yet it doesn’t matter. There is a terribly tacky song that is playing in my head right now. I will not mention it, but I think you might have an idea. It’s about being same, yet different. Yuck.

I also need a moment to burst  Nicholas Sparks’ bubble. I’m sorry, I know you said,  “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” But, it’s kind off untrue. You know what’s like the wind and can’t be seen, but can be felt and also smelt? A fart. Love on the other hand is nothing like that.

Love means a thousand different things to a thousand people. 

For me, it just means you.

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