Hi, there is an AC dripping at office. And obviously, I’m writing to you about it because I’m sitting underneath it. At first I thought someone was spitting on me. Yuck. Then, thankfully I realised that it was the damn AC duct.

Why am I writing about this to you? I don’t know. Perhaps because you never question the mundane things I write to you about. 

I happened to re-collect a conversation with someone. Everything needs to be simple, he said. Nothing complex=everything fine.

At first I shrugged it off. I also thought, that was so weird. But, hey different people, different approaches to life. 

All that until today, when I realised that, it was all so simple. 

I complicate things. Food, directions and relationships. I can take something as simple as a “No” and make it my most hated word. Hey, I can also take a simple ‘Yes’ and make life miserable. Those are my super-powers. Why thank you.

Do you do that? Over-think and complicate things? Or am I the chosen one?

Is it normal to feel like that? Is it normal to do stupid things? Is it normal to ask so many questions?

You know what I do? I think it’s a game I play. I start pressing the self-destruct button on things that I love. I hate doing that, but I do it.

We each have our demons to fight. Some seem like they have it all together, and the others seem to struggle to keep up. Do you have demons of your own? Haha. This line will scare a certain someone, let’s call her S.

How does one, slowly remove the knots and the entangled threads, that they have caused? Do the knots get easier with time? I hate knots, they are so interesting to remove, but they can also get frustrating. Then again, I don’t know why I put knots in everything.

So, how does one keep this simple? After years of complicating things, how do I unlearn all of it? Do I take baby steps? Or a giant leap?

I don’t mean to always ask you questions. Questions whose answers you might not have.

I guess, one just has to start somewhere.

I’m going to do it as well… How, I don’t know.

Well , it’s not easy, but we all have to take that damn first step. So yeah, I’m going to…
Uncomplicate and all that shizz.

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