An engaging week.

It’s been a crazy week so far. Not bad crazy, good crazy. Adorable-boy person is back, my weekly off was lovely and an awesome friendĀ  got engaged. And… I finally feel the dark cloud of writer’s block lift up.

Anyway, since one of the highlights of the week was the engagement, let’s just mull over that.

I’m currently in that phase of life where every other day, I find out that a classmate/friend/acquaintance of mine got married/will get married/just got engaged. I would be lying if I told you that it doesn’t unnerve me.

No, I don’t want to get married right now. But that gnawing feeling of seeing close friends get married and realising that you might/might never get married is a tad bit worrisome. It doesn’t help that your neighbour, watchman’s wife, aunt, grandma et al, sneakily tell you, ‘you’re next’.

Really? What is that? The death list put out by the mafia?

Anyway I didn’t intend to start a monologue on the pros and cons of getting married, staying single or doing whatever you just want to do.

So at KG’s engagement, I was in this ‘super-cool’ mode, but you know crazy things happen to super cool people too. Sadly.

For example, let’s say, it might or might not have happened that a kid came running towards me and hugged me in front of everyone. Thankfully he didn’t call me mummy. Though if he did I was totally going to do the ‘santoor-mummy-soap ad’ scene.

Once I could pry the kid of me, I proceeded to walk towards my friends when an old granny stopped me.

At first I thought she wanted me to get her a glass of water, but I realised  early on that she mistook me for someone else.

Despite several desperate attempts to explain to her that I have no idea who she was, she hugged me. Also, what I thought was her telling me a secret turned out to be her kissing me on my cheek.

It all escalated so fast, that I… Just stood there… wondering what just happened.

What… Why…

On a totally unrelated note, I learnt an important lesson today. Never, ever ask a question, whose answer you never want to hear.

Getting back to the main point here.

Engagement wrapped up, and here’s a (another) piece of advice, when there is a cake at an engagement and it looks nice always get a piece before your dinner/lunch starts. Tasty cake doesn’t last long.


Anway, marriages/weddings don’t bother me for now. Perhaps they might never, then again they might. It’s always tricky, but when have matters of the damn heart ever been easy?

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