Routine, you rascal.

You know that feeling, when your life changes suddenly, over a week? The week that you were hoping wouldn’t start in the first place, but it did and now for the love of monkeys you just can’t get back to your boring old-life? 

Sigh. That could be one way to explain what I’m going through or how I’m feeling right now. All thanks to a rather wonderful holiday with an extremely adorable, well, let’s just say, adorable munchkin.

You know, it all feels like a dream. That awesome dream where you’re flying, flying in the good way and just when you’re beginning to accept that life can’t get better, you’re waken up. Waken up by the rascal that is routine.

I’m back from my holiday and all I want to do is bawl, despite the fact that I already did that, but had to stop because ma was getting really worried. Sigh.

It didn’t help that on the way back home, there was this really annoying kid whose seat was behind mine, whose face I wanted to punch. He kept kicking my seat and talking in what can be described as a noise so shrill and rough at the same time, that you’d want to stick your ears in the now-pleasing sound of the flight’s fans/engines.


I was holidaying in Goa. I know, I know, it’s off-season, which is probably why I also had a lot of fun. Empty streets, loong rides, new places, people, goan dogs, (these fellows have the Goan swag,yolo and shiitake mushrooms I tells ya) an adorable place to stay in and the best of all an escape from the routine.

Seemed like a perfect, perfect week.

So, while I multitask and feel bad and happy at the same time, I think you should be given a few highlights from my week long stay.

Urchins are the shizz: Like a decent tourist, I also visited the Basilica of Bom Jesus, where the remains of St Francis Xavier are kept. While I was with said adorable boy-person, we were about to enter the church opposite the BBJ, when an urchin came running to us and screamed, “Maayddumm body waha pe hain. Yaha pe kuch nahi, body ko dekho”

True to that, I visited the ‘body’ and I’m pretty sure I featured in a dozen tourist’s photos, looking all grumpy ( thanks to my resting-bitch-face-syndrome).

Birds and dogs are the shizz too: I was at a beach and while I kept staring at couples, who wrote their names in between a heart with an arrow, I also secretly kept hoping that the wave washed it away. I found a crow, that was cawing at the waves. Yes, Cawing at the damn waves at Baga beach. But when the waves would comes closer the crow would run away as fast as its twig like legs could carry it. Then I made friends with this dog near a restaurant, I named him Sweg. Sweg with the pink nose, Sweg who I think loved me for giving him some tofu.

Learning places and people: You know how, if you stay for a little longer at a place you begin to learn the route to your room? You learn more routes and you stop asking the locals how to get back to your room? That also holds true with people too. Except it’s easier.

Just like you learn the switches in your room, you learn little things about people. Like how they like to have 1 sachet of coffee, with one sugar, make it one and a half, how they let their guard down, even if it’s for a moment. How, despite wanting to go into the beach and playing, they’ll patiently wait and hold your hand, just so that you don’t get washed away.

How, irrespective of how the gallis look, they’ll only follow that damn google map, but will eventually manage to make you smile with rubbish songs. 

I reckon holidays are mainly for that, to learn and discover new places and old loves.

Fine. The points I’ve listed are just two. Because honestly, it’s just too much to write about.

The week has been overwhelming and now I’m dragging and preparing myself to get back to routine.

Work, friends and the same old life.

No. I don’t hate how things are, I’m just not in a mood to get back to routine.

At least so soon. Fine I’m lying, I don’t want to get back to routine at all.

But, I’m going to give myself the rest of the night to wallow in my holiday hangover. After which Ima be-a back bishes (say it in the fake Italian accent)

But that’s how life is. Sometimes, you’ve got to get away on a perfect holiday with an almost perfect person to realise how much better life can be.

Till another vacation suddenly works out, this marks my desperate attempt to get back to routine

Here is the photo of said cool Crow.

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