Quarter life ‘cry’sis

I probably have the most embarrassing playlist in the world. It’s not like I voluntarily downloaded these rubbish songs, maybe I did. But, I realise that I happen to have songs that only a person with hideous taste would download.

Anyway, there was crazy traffic while driving back home today (clearly this post wasn’t written today, I’m dying at office right now). Surprisingly I hadn’t abused even one person, all thanks to the wonderful music that was playing. I was acting extremely cool, caught someone staring at me, huh, rolled my eyes and continued to exist in my cool-girl-driving-car world despite the fact that my car has this gigantic L symbol in red. Then, suddenly out of the blue I hear, “Oh bloody dy dy, oh bleda da da, oh bleduu du du, we love you…”

It was as if someone inflated the tyre of my cool-girl-car and my tyres are tubeless, just showing off a bit.

Now if you’re a Shah Rukh Khan fan or a rad ’90s kid you’d recognise the song. It’s from Pardes, other songs of the same movie that have been played at every Independence/republic/feeling-patriotic-need-a-dose-of -national-pride-day.


Well, obviously that really wasn’t what I wanted to write about. I realised that here in Hyderabad, we can never ever live that Dairy Milk ad where this cute girl is eating a dairy milk bar and the cute guy makes cute faces because she has chocolate all over her cute face.

a)What a waste of chocolate. Rascal.
b) Where are these cute boys?

Finally… getting back to the point.

Either I’m going mental (for those nodding their heads and saying, “But you already are mental’. Shut your mouths please) or according to Google, I might be suffering from quarter life crisis. You bitch Google.
This, when I’m not yet 25.

Work, friends, basically everything in life is beginning to grow on me. Not literally, haahaha. That would be creepy.
*insert straight face emoticon *

It’s weird. Not Rebecca Black (brown, blue or whatever colour her name is) weird, but plain weird.

If you’ve ever felt anything remotely close, job is getting boring, you don’t really want to hang out with friends, you feel stuck, you’re wondering if this is how life is going to unfold, boredom, routine… blah blah… Basically, just stuck in the daily rut, then you know how I feel.

Family and their mood swings. Friends and their… well let’s just say friends. Everything gets annoying at some point or the other. Sometimes, or perhaps 9 3/4 out of 10 times, I feel like boxing them in their faces. I’m sure, no… I’m hoping everyone feels like this at some point or the other. But my advice would be (not that anyone asked me, but shush) to just let things be. Imagine boxing so many people, your poor hands would hurt. Unless you plan on using stones inside a boxing glove to punch the daylights out of them. In which case, you should go ahead with the said plan. 

But Dr Google somewhere (hidden in its hundred search pages) did mention that this too would pass. That, or you could end up doing something extremely stupid. Sigh.

There are obviously no guide books to get over this quarter-life crisis. Though bawling your eyes out sometimes brings in the much-needed relief. Not to forget some stares if you’re crying in your car, in the middle of traffic. Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do brotha! 

Getting past all this isn’t funneh. Unless you’re watching others go through this. In which case it becomes heeelllllarriouss! 

So the entire point of writing this is that… I just wanted to go on a rant and I did. 

There’s no conclusion here (if that’s what you were looking for. What’s wrong with you?)

Anyway, to sound a little hopeful, here’s hoping that this stupid quarter-life crisis and a lot of friendships that are, well… that just are, get sorted out quickkklllyyyyy.

Now, go.

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