New Girl, Day 8

You don’t understand it. Our astro man has a great connection with the world.

He predicts such intimate things. They suck the very life out of my body.

Initially it started with small details, don’t argue with your ‘lover’ (ugh that word makes me cringe), or you should stay away from eating rice. But his recent prediction was… out of this world.

Cancerians, he warns, “Take care of problems in the skin, stomach and the… ANUS. “

After a bout of laughter I realised my day was made. 

I laughed so much, that I forgot the stupid rains.


Water everywhere and these stupid auto-drivers make it a point to make my rain-soaked life even more miserable by asking for “meter pe dus rupaiy”.

Anyway, after wiping away tears and what seemed like a good-hour of laughing I regain my composure.

And then I put myself into a ridiculous situation.

My response to awkward situations is sometimes… actually every time met with even more awkward responses.

I had once gone to a fashion show where I met a socialite. She was going to walk the ramp, after a brief exchange of hi’s and hellos, when what could have been a decent meeting, ended up in me wanting to slap myself.

After saying goodbye, I look at the lady, shake hands and say, “Walk well”.

As the words left my traitorous lips, I couldn’t believe what I had just said. Instead of walking away with whatever little shame I was left with. I continued to stand there. Frozen. My hand still in hers.


Anyway, the landline at office rings and since I’m the New Girl I also double up as the receptionist.

Someone calls for some information. After a 5-minute talk they ask if I could hold-on-for a minute. I reply “Yes. Hold”. Just that. 

I must control the urge to slap myself.

Anyway, I get done with receptionist duties and little of whatever constitutes my journalistic one.

When suddenly I hear a loud thud.

My first reaction to anything that happens anywhere is to stand up like a Meerkat and stare. 

And I do just that. Then proceed to start laughing. 

I’m so pathetic that I break all rules of social decorum.

Anyway. After laughing for sometime, I realise that someone had bumped into the glass door.

Anyway. I feel like a cat. 

Tab meeting done. I head home.

Excited. For no particular reason.

Miss J. as lazy as she is, makes a half-ass attempt to wag her tiny tail.

Distant Boy is busy shooting. 

Anyway, night falls and the glow-in-the-dark stars do just that, glow. Glow brightly.

And as the rest of the city goes to sleep.

I think about cancerians all around the world and hope they’ve taken care of their problems.

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