New Girl, Day 5

I immediately regret the insanely-awesome decision of staying awake way past midnight.

And I wake up feeling extremely tired. 

All the excitement about the first byline made me go mental with happiness.

Mum had a holiday. I don’t remember getting so many holidays back in school. 


And as much as I wanted to block out the world and go back to sleep, that wasn’t to happen.

The title song (from the rerun of a serial Mahadev or something) kept playing. As much as I act snooty about this serial,  I (along with a million other people, aunts and grandmas included) have the hots for that actor who plays Lord Shiva. 

So I run out of my room, almost tripping over Miss J, who (for reasons unknown) decided to run along.

Except, I stopped near the TV, while she continued to run to the main gate, pushing my baby cousin in the process.

That called for a good rib-tickling laugh. Which I immediately regret because my mother was just about to give me the ‘God-resides-in-children lecture’, but the interval got done and Shiva in all his hotness returned to the screen just in time to save me. 

I’m not very religious. So, I shamelessly take solace in the fact that, watching the serial should count for something. So if I die and go to Hindu Heaven, and I’m asked what was my religious contribution,  I can proudly show them clippings where I wasted half of my life watching this serial.

Anyway, my mum reminds me to ask my boss about my weekly off.

That reminds me, that I need to get ready for work. 

I beg my father to drop me at office. Mum wants to tag along. She wants to see my office (for the millionth time, just FYI she came with me for my interview and waited patiently at the lobby, while I got done with it.). He agrees, not before giving me a lecture about learning to travel by bus. 

 I ask him to let me take his car to work. That was enough to scare daddy dearest.

 I warn my parents not to wave or call out my name after I reach office. I have an image that I need to take care off. They decently agree. I should have known better. As I get close to the gate, my dad screams and waves good bye.

I’m shocked. I decide to tackle him when I get home.

For now I had to keep calm and go work on astro.

A couple of lovely things were in store for all the sun signs.

One of the lines made me laugh, I laughed out loud. Not that there was anyone who heard me. I was early as usual.

Anway, since I’m the New Girl, I get very little work.

Today, I begin to feel a little left out, I wonder how long, before I make friends, how long before, my friends and I would have our own inside jokes and a New Girl would look at us and wonder if she could ever be our friend.

I realise I sound like a loser.

So I immediately think about something else.

Slowly the team starts to fill in. 

Mum calls up to check if I reached my desk. I’m shocked. But grateful that she cares. A little too much. But she does. She reminds me to eat my lunch on time and maybe share food with my colleagues. 

I say okay to everything. But I decide against sharing food.

The day passes slowly. Distant Boy checks into a certain application that shows a persons whereabouts. Some place in Hyderabad it says. 

Those evil-butterflies are back. 

I’m so excited-not-excited. Ugh.

Distant Boy causes so much confusion. 

The excitement is so high that I can’t seem to finish lunch. So, I sweetly offer it to my colleagues. Some awesome puris that my mum makes,

The team loves it. Grateful for home-cooked food they gobble it up.

Anyway, I leave early for an assignment. I have another assignment for the next day too, an interview with a dancer.

I’m beginning to like this busy business.

I leave for the current assignment. All this while I’ve been wearing a sweatshirt. The stupid rains are to be blamed.

We agree to meet at a  swanky coffee shop for the interview. I reach early, so that buys me sometime to  check how I look, so I go the restroom, that’s on the first floor of the coffee shop.

So weird.

Anyway, after some initial confusion about the restroom, I find it. Check if I look decent and just when I was about to walk out, a waiter walks in. I was filled with rage. If this man thought he could get away with such nasty behaviour, I was going to punch the daylights out of him. 

While images of a heroic me bringing the man to justice flashed before my eyes, the hapless waiter (without making-eye-contact) said, “Madam this is the men’s restroom”.

I’m speechless. And as I stand there with a horrified expression (eyes-wide open). I wanted to slipper myself.

So, I do what I do best when put in awkward situations, say something even more awkward. This time I say something on the lines of “I know, I was just checking it out” and rush out trying to save whatever little dignity I had, not before tripping over a stair. 

I run back to the coffee shop, glad that the first floor’s waiter doesn’t serve food here.

I put on this cool act and wait for the person. All the running makes me feel hot. So I take out my sweatshirt. 

To my horror I realise that I’ve worn my shirt inside-out.

I didn’t know if I should rush back to the restroom, (girl’s one this time) and change. But, before I could make up my mind the person walks in. 

I silently wear my sweatshirt and perish in the heat for the next hour or so.

Interview done, I rush home.

Get rid of that rug-of-a-sweatshirt and breathe for sometime.

A few minutes of mindless-TV-watching when suddenly, Distant Boy texts.

I rush into my room.

All this for one message. I seriously needed to be slapped.

Anyway, HRH Distant Boy lets me know his schedule. He’s going to be in the city for sometime now. So we have plenty of time to catch up.

We text for a while. A few hundred texts later, I realise Distant Boy has fallen asleep.

I’m just about to sleep when my mum screams across the hall to check if I found out about my weekly off.

I realise I did. So I proceed to tell her the same.

I’ve got the most unlikeliest of offs. A Monday.

While I instantly realise that means no meeting friends on weekends, a bigger truth sets in.

I am free from the dreaded Monday Blues.

Take that sucker-world.

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